So its the end of day one and…it fucking SUCKED.  I’m battling to not stuff my face with anything and everything in sight.  This is primarily because my inner junkie knows it’s being deprived and is craving bad things that much more.  I have had a pounding headache since noon and now that I finished my first 30 minute workout, I feel nauseous and a lot like Jell-O.  I barely made it up the stairs in a fit of pain-induced giggles.

Now that Im showered and relaxing in bed, I feel a little better but still nauseous and a little more fearful that I cannot do this.  I didnt realize just how out of shape I really am until I spent a measly 30 minutes with Jillian Michaels.  I had banished my husband to the computer room so he couldnt watch me workout.  That is until about 20 minutes in and I had him come down and keep me going.

I had Josh take “before” pictures (humiliating) and yet he continues to support me and show no sign of disgust at my flab.  I seriously love this man 🙂

I had a 300 calorie surplus…so I need to work on my eating.

Day 1 = frustrating.

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Wife. Mom. Fat Fatty.
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One Response to Ass…kicked.

  1. YAY for you and Josh! and Congrats!

    *Don’t be afraid to start smaller: a 15-20 minute workout in the beginning…getting off one metro stop early and walking the rest of way to/from work counts, so does walking the dogs, and going up and down your stairs everyday, or parking near the end of the parking lot when grocery shopping (using a basket instead of a cart)….remember LIFE itself can be exercise…most importantly have fun with it and do not burn yourself out!

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