Yay for Less!!

So I weighed myself this morning and I was a LOT less than I originally thought.  I thought I was around 230 lbs, I’m actually only 211.  That’s still unacceptable, but much better than 230.  That means I have 81 lbs to lose.  Here’s what my plan (as of now) is:

  • Some variation of a meal replacement smoothie for breakfast, with an occasional healthy substitute thrown in, like egg white muffins or a healthy breakfast burrito.
  • No eating after 7pm.  This will be mildly difficult seeing as some nights I don’t get home until 6:30 or 7.  These are times when my husband cooking dinner on his nights off will be even more appreciated.
  • A big glass of water before every meal.
  • I would like to follow a 1200 calorie intake, however, I’m trying to be as realistic as possible about this so I won’t be as likely to want to cheat.  I’m thinking more like 1400-1600 intake at MOST.
  • Swim 4x a week and Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution 2-3 times per week.  Maybe more.  2-a-days aren’t beyond my ability, just my desire.  🙂
  • Cook dinners like I usually do but with healthier ingredients.  Such as cutting out flavor packets when I make chinese like Beef and Broccoli or Mongolian Beef.  Use whole wheat pasta and brown rice.  More vegetables and lean meat like chicken breast and turkey.
  • Cutting out as much sugar as possible without going insane.
  • Cutting out bread completely.  I cannot let go of my pasta but I can let go of all bread.
  • Hearty salads full of protein and good fats for lunch.
  • Healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables and nuts. {No jokes please 😉 }

I also am staying away from the word “diet”.  I know how my brain works, and it shuts down for certain words like “diet”, “obligation” and “brussel sprouts”.  This is a lifestyle change.  And with a successful lifestyle change made to ensure health, that includes my mind, not just my body.  I need to nurture my soul, my nature, and my mental health.  This includes:

  • Taking my meds everyday.
  • Taking time for myself as well as time for my husband separate from the baby.  It’s very easy to get wrapped up in Aiden and forget about myself and my husband.  We are people as well as parents, and we love each other outside of parenthood.  A wise man once told my husband, the marriage comes first, the child comes second.  One day Aiden will be grown and move away, and when that day comes you don’t want to realize you’ve been married to a stranger for 18 years.  I love my son but I love my marriage and my husband just as much.
  • I need to work on how easily frustrated I get.
  • I need to work on my anger management.
  • I want to find a hobby.
  • I want to go to school.

These are just a few of the things I can think of right now, more will come as this journey progresses and develops.

I tried a few sips of the Green Monster Spinach Smoothie on saturday for a test run.  However, today when I actually had to drink the whole thing…totally different story.  Halfway through and I’m struggling to finish it.  The texture is getting to me.  May have to try out some other recipes to get it right.

I haven’t had a chance to buy a swimsuit yet, so for now it’s JMBR.  Tonight I will start the first DVD.

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One Response to Yay for Less!!

  1. YAY!!!! [keep us posted on the smoothie perfection ;0]

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