I couldnt do the cardio dvd.  Im too sore, too fat, and too fucking useless.  Im so fucking fat i cant even do a fucking workout dvd.  Thats fucking pathetic.  Oh and i made the mistake of weighing myself and i gained a pound and now im laying in bed wheezing like the fatty i am.  I just want to scream.

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Wife. Mom. Fat Fatty.
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3 Responses to Fail.

  1. Okay – remember my job was nutrition for 10 years… The average person gains about 5lbs in the first THIRTY days. Calm down and don’t try to do too much at one time. You can do it girl; I know it!

    • jaimeeleigh says:

      Do they?? It’s so discouraging! I’ve always built muscle fast, I just didn’t think I would do it THAT fast. That’s what I get for weighing myself early.

      • Yes, it’s definitely normal for you to gain first! I always told my patients to TRY to hold off on weighing themselves the first month or so. Also, taking measurements (have your hubby help, so they’re more accurate) of your waist, hips, each leg, each leg (where our bingo arms grow), will be a better judge of your progression than just your weight. Remember that muscle is GOOD and the building muscle helps to speed up metabolism.

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