Day 4

I’ve done fairly well with my food choices…it’s been rough at times bt honestly the cravings arent as intense or as frequent as I thought they would be.  I know I’m only on day 4 but Im still confident about it.  The exercising is whats kicking my ass.  I couldnt do the cardio yesterday and I was super upset about it.  And again tonight i ate too late and chose not to work out.  Yesterday I was too sore, today I dont have an excuse. 

Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it 🙂  I refuse to beat myself up.  Ive been eating great and sticking to my caloric intake. So if the exercise is a little harder to adapt to thats ok as long as Im still trying. Im really thinking swimming is what I need to be doing right now. I really think Im too out of shape and overweight for anything else at this point. Until then, however I will keep pluggng away with JM.

On the subject of caloric intake, Ive raised it to 1600. I spoke to a personal trainer today and his reaction to my 1400 calorie plan was shock-face and “What?! Thats not a lot of food…” So far Im much happier with the 1600. Its easier to stick to and Im not AS hungry.

I definately need to get better at the weekly grocery shopping, planning the weeks dinners for when Josh is AND isnt home. Planning all my meals and shopping accordingly. Im looking forward to seeing how much money we save with me not eating out every single day!

Monday is weigh-in…

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