Whew!! Ok so last week was a little rough.  I’ve been stressed out and not taking my meds regularly which has had my compulsive eating on a hair trigger.  I did give in once or twice.  Once was really bad….I had McDonalds.  While I wanted a full on value meal complete with a double quarter pounder that I knew would make me nauseous halfway through, I only had spare change on me and ended up just having a plain Mcdouble and a small fry.  Not good, not horrible.  It wouldn’t have been too bad at all….if I hadn’t failed to PT for THREE DAYS.  I think it might actually have been four, but definitely three that I can remember.  That said, I climbed the Double Tree stairs twice on Sunday.  That’s up from the one time I did it last weekend.  I also did 100 jumping jacks and some modified pushups on the landing’s railing.

I titled this blog Regrets because I only lost one pound.  And I don’t even think it was a whole pound.  I know for a fact if I got my shit together and worked out every day like I should be, I could have lost 2 whole pounds.  All I can do though is do better this week.  If I could only work out in the mornings….I HATE working out when I get home from work.  What I hate more is working out indoors to a workout DVD tripping all over the place when my sneakers catch on the carpet and struggling to get my fat ass up and down off the floor.  I love Jillian, but considering she’s used to working with huge fatties, you’d think she’d be a little more sympathetic to how long it takes us to get up and down off the floor.  Just sayin.  What I’d love to be doing is running.  I long to run 😦  But I cannot take the weight of myself jumping around for more than 30 seconds, if that.  My poor knees just can’t take it.  I just want this weight OFF so I can get back to running!!!  So working out will be, not easier, but less complicated!  Josh had a good point, the thing holding me back isn’t my physical ability, it’s my respiratory ability.  That I need to focus on my breathing.  Which is fine, and I COMPLETELY agree…it’s just hard coming off of at LEAST a year of being completely sedentary.  I hope my breathing comes around soon…I’m ready to do more than just jump around in my living room.

So.  That being said.  This weeks goals are a little different.  My one and only goal is to work out every single day but sunday.  Even if it’s just jog/walking around the neighborhood.  My bathing suit came, it doesn’t look too bad, but I still feel like a whale.  It’s slightly too big so we’ll see where that goes 😀

Motivational Reason #65:  When I sit down, I don’t want my stomach roll to be larger than my boobs.

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