Been Awhile

ImageWelp.  It’s been a long time.  I can’t say it’s been going well or easy or that I feel amazing and more motivated than ever or that I’m pleased with my results.  Yes, I’ve lost 9 lbs.  I don’t feel great about it.  My diet has nose dived more often than not, and my exercise is back to non existent.  My commute and my hours make it almost impossible and I’m SO unmotivated by the end of the day.  I can barely wake up for work as it is, so getting up early and exercising isn’t looking too promising.  And I will not do another workout DVD for quite awhile, if ever again.

The only real results I’ve seen are my clothes fitting looser.  However, I tried on a pair of size 16 jeans this weekend and I still can’t get them over my hips 😦

On a brighter note, my husband smacked me on the ass last night and exclaimed, “You’re looking good, baby!”


Something’s missing.  I don’t know what 😦

Also, credit goes to Miss Alexia Leary for my beautimus header 🙂

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One Response to Been Awhile

  1. I think it’s time for you to get back on it! Look online for a used exercise bike – then on days you don’t want to go outside (especially with the cold weather), at least you can sit on your ass and ride! 🙂

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