Alright, here we go again 🙂  It’s been rough since I lost my original 9 lbs.  I’ve gained it all back and then some.  So now I’m fed up.  Again.  I know, I know I do that a lot.  I think if I want to kick my bad habits to the curb, I need to show myself that I won’t be fat forever and that I CAN lose weight.  The only fad diet I’ve ever done and has WORKED is the diet my recruiter put me on when I was 19.  Back then it was still pretty obscure, but thanks to the amazing world wide web, lately I’ve seen it becoming more mainstream and popping up on social media like Twitter and Pinterest.  It’s known as the 3 Day Military Diet.  My recruiter put me on it for 3 weeks (It’s 3 days on, 4 days off) and I lost upwards of 20 lbs.  I feel like if I can just detox for a couple weeks and reset my eating habits, it will give me the boost and motivation I need to continue to eat right and watch my portions.  I’m not just doing this for the 10 lbs in 3 days.  It’s mostly water weight you lose anyway, and I am most definitely not using this as a lazy quick fix.  I’m doing this to detox, to reset, and to put some ointment on my chapped self esteem.  I believe that all of that, alone with my clothes being noticably looser, will get me back on track to a healthier lifestyle.


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Wife. Mom. Fat Fatty.
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