3 Day Military Diet


 Alright.  That was….a complete waste of time 🙂  Not really.  I only lost 3 lbs which was probably all water weight.  However, I don’t consider it a complete loss.  My stomach has shrunk as a result of the diet and I find myself getting fuller, faster.  It also showed me that, although I was not an angel on this diet (hence the minimal weight loss) I did not gorge myself as I usually do, and when I did cheat, I DIDN’T FEEL GUILTY!  I was eating much healthier foods (even though the diet itself is not really good for your body lol) so when I was bad, I was only a little bad and I didn’t binge out of guilt like I normally would have.  All in all, it helped me climb my fat ass back onto the wagon.  Again.  For the 875th time.  But hey, who’s keeping count 🙂

I’ve joined Weight Watchers.  I know that if I do this one day at a time, in little increments, I can get it done.  I like to think once the weight is off I will be too mortified to gain it back.  I plan on posting pictures of my fat self all over the fridge and cupboards.

Aiden has been entering a phase that has Josh and I both very stressed out and on edge, mixed in with typical winter colds/flu and lack of sleep.  I think this has helped in my reduced eating, I’m just too damn tired all the time lol.

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Wife. Mom. Fat Fatty.
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