Spousal Motivation

Yesterday my husband and I went to Gravelly Point to PT and afterwards he was talking about wishing he had a running partner.  We talked about a couple different people he might be able to run with, but none seemed like a good fit.  I felt terrible that I was so fat I wasn’t an option.  I mentioned that I wished I could run with him and he immediately perked up and said he did too and we could race together and be running partners and maybe he could sign us up for a ten miler and that could be my motivation.  He was so stinkin cute getting excited about running with his wife.  Maybe this will be the motivation I need?

Started meal replacement protein shakes today.  I’ll do that 3 days this week and eat healthy the other two days.  One day at a time one week at at a time.

I’m desperate.

About jaimeeleigh

Wife. Mom. Fat Fatty.
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2 Responses to Spousal Motivation

  1. joan says:

    what kind of shakes. I need to do that too.

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