I bought a fitbit zip today!  Its the cheapest one they make, but it does what I need it to do.  I tracks my steps, calories burned, and distance.  Now I just need to find a way to add a widget to this blog!

Today was rough. The water pill they put me on to drop my blood pressure makes me feel terrible. I feel light headed and shaky and I’m sweating ridiculously when I exert myself. Between soreness from yesterday, the side effects of the water pill and a cranky mood from what I’m sure is sugar withdrawals, I’m not a happy camper. Its keeping me on track though. Feeling like crap is reminding me that I put myself here, its up to me to fix it. Josh and I didn’t have time for dinner so we went to Popeye’s. Obviously there was nothing on that menu I could have so we tried Wendys. Aside from their salads there was nothing there either (I had a salad for lunch). So I left empty handed! That was pretty huge for me. Now, I did finish the last 5-6 of Aiden’s Cajun fries though. I went home and a had a bowl of raisin bran.

This fitbit is incredible. It is accurate (we counted and tested it) and its so smart. Somehow it knows the difference between me tapping the screen to change views and actual steps. It links up to your account and syncs itself every time you get near the USB dongle you stick in your computer. You can also track your water and food!


No widget, so lets see if the link works!

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