Getting healthy from the inside out…

Me: *with dismay* “My pants aren’t fitting any better!”

Josh: “How much weight have you lost?”

Me: “None…”

Josh: “Well that’s why your pants aren’t fitting any better.”

Me: *flat out whining at this point* “But I feel like I’ve been at this foreverrrrr!!” (I may have stamped my foot, I neither confirm nor deny this)

Josh: “It’s been two weeks.”

Me: “Oh.”


This process has been exhausting and I’m not even maxing out my ability.  I’ve been upping my activity level with my FitBit Zip by trying to get 10,000 steps a day, but I’ll tell you, working in a busy surgical office all day minimizes your ability to get up and do some walking.  I do it when I can but it’s hard.  I think I average maybe 5-8,000 steps a day.  I can reach 10,000 when I’m super motivated and make a conscious effort to get up during my lunch break and go for a long walk or if I park at the hospital on a side street and have to walk half a mile to get to work.    I’ve also been running.  I try and go at least 3 times a week.  I usually run almost 2 miles, usually like 1.86 or so according to my GPS app and my Couch to 5k app.  At work I take the stairs instead of the elevator 99% of the time, and I work on the 4th floor.  If I park in the parking garage I’ll take the stairs all the way up.

My water intake and my diet could use some help.  I’ve been a lot better at not eating anything else after dinner, but again, not 100%.  I’ve tried to make better choices but more often than I’d like, pizza and too much pasta are included.

What I’ve learned so far is that I need to make a better effort at planning ahead.  A lot of my poor choices are made when I’ve run out the door without proper snacks and lunch or if I don’t feel like cooking when I get home.  I bought Jell-O to make for dessert but always forget to make it so instead of grabbing some jell-o or an apple, I’ll make tortillas or toast too late at night.

The changes I’ve noticed however, are very much internal and they are very big changes.  I no longer spend several hours after PTing coughing and wheezing.  Now that I’m on blood pressure medication and my BP is controlled (120/80 on Wednesday), I feel very different.  It’s difficult to describe but I feel lighter.  There used to be a heavy achy feeling in my limbs before.  That has gone.  When I run, it takes almost no time for me to catch my breath when I stop.  My muscles feel better.  The biggest change though, I’ve noticed just recently this week with the onset of my period.  Usually the week before the cravings set in, and they did, although not as severe.  Then, a day or so before it comes, the menstrual migraine will begin to build.  The pressure starts first and then the day of my period it peaks and I am miserable.  The cramping is miserable, the migraine is miserable and I feel terrible for at least 2-3 days.  2 of those nights I usually have to pop a Vicodin and go to bed early.  Its slowly been getting worse and worse since I had Aiden.  This week though?  Minimal.  The cravings were reasonable, the cramping was still there but definitely manageable without pain meds.  And the migraine?  One day, and a bad headache at the worst.  It makes me wonder how much of it had to do with my poor health and blood pressure issues.

Josh brought up a good point though, running is for lazy people.  This coming from a runner.  But he acknowledges that he’d rather run than do circuit training or HIIT that is actually faster and better for you.  I know a lot of my runner friends combine running with some other activity such as P90X or Kickboxing.  I’ve decided this is probably the route I should go too.  He helped me realize that while I am doing amazing things for myself by getting off the couch and making an effort, I need to actually DO something worthwhile.  So I’m going to start my Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution again along with the running.  I found myself wondering how to convince my husband to let me buy P90X, but then I remember that’s ridiculous because JMBR is pretty much the same thing, Biggest Loser style.  Perfect for people like me who have 50+ pounds to lose.  The only drawback is that she has us getting up and down off the floor a lot and us big girls aren’t very good at that.

All in all, I’m finding the changes motivating, but still struggling to STAY motivated.  I’m hoping adding JMBR will help me see some physical changes, but I know no matter what my biggest and loudest fan will be my husband and that’s all I need 🙂


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